The WSCA is working on the following projects for 2016

  1. ERP – emergency response planning
    1. FA enhanced competencies for remote worksites
      1. FA equipment recommendations
      2. FA knowledge, skills, attribute drills for enhanced FA training courses
    2. Prince George pilot
      1. jurisdictional scan of actor and agency relationships & responsibilities
      2. canvass actors and agencies to find collaborators
    3. Resource road dedicated emergency radio channel
  2. MSI prevention
    1. incident collection & data analysis
    2. enhanced MSI FA training
    3. footwear protocol promotion – develop guidelines
    4. heavy seedling promising practices outreach – develop guidelines
  3. Training
    1. convert RRLT driver training to competency based format
    2. S100 and related fire competencies
    3. Brush Saw DACUM and equipment modification guidelines
    4. Silviculture supervision – adapt, adopt BCFSC version
  4. Emerging issues such as:
    1. Insect-borne disease outreach
    2. Sexual harassment in workplace and camp protocols and procedures
  5. Outreach, communication & bridging
    1. review LMP training (rookie training videos)
    2. visual youtube pilot
    3. update WSCA website with safety materials

If you are interested in details on any of these projects, please contact John Betts, Executive Director at 250-229-4380; fax 250-229-4366; email