supervisor – crew boss

The initial Supervisor training with silviculture endorsement was delivered in 2008. That course was a 2 day course for front line supervisors developed to provide supervisors of silviculture crews a basic overview of competencies required to function as a crew boss/foreman.

While many parts of the course were generic and transferable to most companies, the course was ideally taught by an in-house instructor since he/she has intimate knowledge of the company’s management systems as applied to the level of the crew boss which allowed the instructor to supplement some of the generic information with specific company procedures.

At this time, the WSCA is recommending the supervisor courses provided by the BCFSC. There are 3 one day courses as follows:

  1. Duel Diligence for Forest Supervisors
  2. Communication for Forest Supervisors
  3. Leadership and Professionalism for Forest Supervisors

For more information, including course costs, delivery schedules as well as enrollment forms and contacts, please go to the Forest Supervisor Training web page by clicking on the hyperlink.

The certificate(s) for course completion will be provided by the BC Forest Safety Council.