BC Safe Siviculture Program

The WSCA has developed courses specific to the Silviculture industry over more than a decade with funding from WorkSafeBC and a considerable amount of volunteer input from those in the industry wishing to provide a safe work environment.

The initial pilot courses were delivered in the following order:

  1. 2006 – ATV operator
  2. 2008 – Supervisor – Crew Boss
  3. 2009 – Resource Road Light Truck (RRLT) Driver
  4. 2010 – Power Saws (Chainsaw) Operator

Each of the courses had Train the Trainer courses

All courses have been specifically developed for the Silviculture sector of the forest industry by experienced, long-time practitioners in the Silviculture industry.

In many cases, new workers are required to receive skills training during a very short period prior to field work. We have, therefore, developed a system of training in-house staff to provide face to face training followed by mentoring as the new worker applies the new learned skills in the field.

In all cases of a student successfully completing a course, the Registrar issues a Certificate of Completion

Companies generally have two options to get certified training for their workforce.

  • Train in-house trainers who will then be certified to train as many within their companies who will require the training using the WSCA developed material
  • Receive training directly through a qualified outside trainer using the WSCA developed material.

Course dates are typically developed based on demand. Interested companies identify the need to train workers as well as in-house trainers. The WSCAcourses Registrar will keep a list of individuals who may be interested in joining a class offering as it is being assembled. Such proposed “public” course dates and locations will be announced on this site, and by e-mail to those who have expressed an interest, as they become available.

For information about applying to attend courses or deliver courses for your company, go to the Registrar page.