basic chainsaw operator

Basic Chainsaw Operator

The WSCA worked in conjunction with the BC Forest Safety Council to develop instructional material for safely operating power saws in the Silviculture workplace which included a silviculture endorsement for tree spacers, brushers, weeders and associated job tasks.

The Basic Chainsaw Operator course with Silviculture Endorsement was delivered in 2012 and 2013.

The WSCA has decided to direct silvicultural workers who require training to meet OHS Regulation 26.3 – Forestry Operations Training and Documentation to take the BCFSC course which will provide a record in a form and manner acceptable to WorkSafeBC.

The WSCA is considering developing a course for Brushsaw operators.

The BCFSC Course is a 2 day course composed of a classroom day followed by a field day.

Please visit the BCFSC Basic Chainsaw Operator Training page for further information.