Our Purpose

The Western Silvicultural Contractors’ Association is dedicated to improving working conditions, quality of life and safety for all silviculture workers in BC. As a founding member of the BC Forest Safety Council, we are working to develop a culture of safety in our workplace.

A key element of cultural development is education, whether it is formal education or education through publically raising safety issues awareness, workplace experience as well as individual mentorship. The WSCA has been working to provide a dedicated program to educate and train individuals and companies working in the Silviculture Industry in British Columbia to ensure that everyone:

  • knows what skills are required to work competently, and therefore safely, at a particular job;
  • has those skills and can display those skills through an evaluation; and
  • can display those competencies progressively and repeatedly through job experience.

This WSCAcourses web site is one of our methods of communicating with the members of the WSCA and the broader silviculture community to:

  • advise workers of news with respect to the BCFSC’s safe companies program pertaining to silviculture safety and competency training and certification
  • identify training available for silviculture companies, their supervisors and workers;
  • provide information about registering for courses whether delivered through the WSCA, the BCFSC, or private training providers delivering WSCA and BCFSC accredited courses;
  • provide a feedback method through this site and/or via the WSCA Registrar.

Visit the WSCA corporate web site at WSCA.ca